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"Let's just get Christmas out of the way first........."

As we approach the festive season, there are more things than just buying presents and entertaining relatives which dominate our thoughts. For many, it is a time which brings their relationship troubles to the fore.

Separation and divorce at Christmas
Whilst it is a cliche, it is also true that January sees an annual surge in the numbers of new clients approaching family law firms about separation or divorce. The "New Year, new broom" attitude often takes over after a fraught holiday period during which tensions and differences have been exacerbated due to couples spending more time together and possibly realising that they really have come to an impasse.

Here at Vines Legal, we often find that people are aware that their relationships is in trouble well before Christmas arrives to remind them - but it's something of a jolt when yet another year comes to a close and they still have unresolved issues. The end of one year and the start of another really does motivate many of our clients into making a long-delayed decision.

It is more than likely that just the thought of the Christmas period yet again coming round can make people realise they don't want to spend it with their spouse or partner. However all the old reasons spring readily to hand: we always spend Christmas as a family, we can't do that to the children at this time of year, what will it do to my parents etc etc. Whilst we are not in any way belittling or marginalising such feelings, we know from experience that these emotions do not go away once the sentimentality of Christmas has passed.

Get Some Advice
A visit to discuss your options at any time with our experienced lawyers does in no way mean that you are starting the divorce or even separation process. It will make you aware of your financial and legal position going forward and will shed some light on your alternatives whether you decide to act before or after Christmas.

Vines Legal offers a free 30-minute initial consultation to all its clients, so you are able to discuss things with us whenever you feel ready.

Facing up to things sooner can help you get on track for a brighter New Year all round.

By Claire Clark on 29 Nov 2012, 10:42 AM

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