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Small claims limit changes give scope for more litigation

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Small claims limit changes give scope for more litigation

There are many changes currently being implemented in Civil Litigation - rather than go into detail here, we have chosen to highlight the advantages to those seeking to make a small claim.

Previously, only claims of up to £5, 000 could be dealt with by the small claims court. Coupled with no right to claim costs, many people were scared off litigating for smaller-scale disputes due to the fear of paying their own potentially escalating costs which could eclipse the original claim!

However, the limit in the small claims court has risen to £10, 000, which can be taken as an advantage to those who have a slightly larger claim and yet don't want the threat of being hit with the other side's legal costs. If you want to sue someone for an unpaid bill, or negligent work perhaps, then although your own costs of legal representation must be borne, the larger limit provides an element of safety in pursuing such claims - you will not be liable for the costs of the other side, save for in exceptional circumstances.

Vines Legal's civil litigation department is here to explain in detail just how the above changes could affect any claim you may wish to pursue. Many individuals are put off legal advice, but that is the very thing which can solidify a claim and give it credence in the small claims arena.

As always, our free first consultation of 30 minutes is available, so we urge anyone who may have a claim to come in and discuss their options with us.

By Claire Clark on 25 Apr 2013, 11:59 AM

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