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Last month, the House of Lords have finally recognised the will of British same-sex couples wanting to marry, in one of the most radical pieces of legislation in years.

The bill, which recognises same-sex weddings to take place in England and Wales from next summer, brings to an end, the century old understanding of marriage being solely between a man and a woman.

Lords began by debating the terminology around same sex marriage. An amendment was proposed to seek to refer to same sex marriage as ‘marriage (same sex couples)’, and opposite sex marriage as 'marriage (opposite sex couples)', this went to a vote which resulted in 119 for and 314 against.

Peers then moved on to discuss conscientious objection to same sex marriages and whether a registrar could object to carrying out a same sex marriage. This went to a vote, with 103 for and 278 against.

Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill summary:

  • around the marriage of same sex couples in England and Wales
  • about gender change by married persons and civil partners
  • on consular functions in relation to marriage
  • for the marriage of armed forces personnel overseas.

The Anglican Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Rev Graham James said it was “no secret” that the majority of Christian churches and other world faiths “don’t believe same sex marriage accords with their understanding of marriage itself”.

But he added: “Many of us do welcome the social and legal recognition of same sex partnerships and believe our society is a better and healthier one for such recognition.”

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By Claire Clark on 23 Aug 2013, 12:43 PM

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