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Military Deploys Increase Divorce?

Recent research by the RAND Corporation has found that each lengthy deployment in the military is a step towards a failing marriage.

The study, used information from 462,444 enlisted service members who were married while serving in the military between March 1999 and June 2008.

The results show that 97% of divorces occurred after a return from deployment. Women were found to be more likely to divorce after spending time away, than men.

The research also suggests that military families without children were also more likely to divorce. Couples who married before 2001 were 28% more likely to divorce within three years of marriage if one or both spouses experienced a deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq.

In contrast, couples who married after the 9/11 attacks experienced a lower divorce rate. Researchers speculate that this is because those who married post 9/11 were better equipped to deal with the difficulties of war and subsequent stress in the relationship.

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By Claire Clark on 30 Dec 2013, 11:02 AM

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