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Serial Conman Sentenced To Pay £1 !

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A serial conman, Roy Moyse, who wiped out a wealthy divorcee of £125,000 to repay his own gambling debts has been ordered to pay back Karen Culverwell just £1.

This is after the Court heard he had no assets, of any financial value, to his name that he could give to her.

Mr Moyse had just been released from prison for a string of similar offences, where he targeted vulnerable women, like Mrs. Culverwell.

He moved in with her in Christchurch, Dorset, after discovering she was divorcing her husband, a company director and was due for to get a hefty settlement.

During their two year relationship he convinced her to loan him money and give him access to her bank account.

Moyse, 45, recently jailed again for two years in May after pleading guilty to six counts of fraud, reappeared at Bournemouth Crown Court for a confiscation hearing to determine how much money he should repay Mrs Culverwell.

A Judge ordered him to pay her the token sum of £1 as that is all he could afford right now!  

By Claire Clark on 26 Dec 2013, 11:00 AM

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