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New Brooms Sweep Clean for 2013

Early this month saw  "the day we're most likely to file for divorce" - it's actually becoming something of a cliche every year now, isn't it?!

However, as with all cliches, it does have some foundation - as we mentioned in our blog in December, people do put off that initial meeting with a solicitor prior to Christmas. Naturally, the idea of upheaval is never a welcome one, and people do not want to rock the boat during what is a traditional time for family.

What about the aftermath though? Once the tree and the tinsel come down, the presents have lost their novelty and the children are finally back at school and in a routine, that's the point at which we find new clients making their first appointment with us.

Faced with the prospect of another year in an unhappy domestic situation, people do take that plunge in January, and decide that this is one Resolution they are determined to keep. As always at Vines Legal, we offer that initial free 30-minute consultation which enables us to briefly assess your situation and offer you an outline of your options.

Should you decide that 2013 is the year things are going to change for you, contact us and take that first step to your new future. It is never an easy decision, but sometimes that first appointment can be the most difficult to arrange. We understand that, and we do not urge you into any decisions unless you are ready for them. Our legal team is here to listen, and to assess your position - any further progress is then most definitely in your hands.

By Claire Clark on 10 Jan 2013, 14:11 PM

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