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The Telegraph newspaper announced recently that interfering in-laws accounted for as many as 1 in 10 marriage breakdowns in the UK shown by a recent study.

The study involved polls of both married couples and divorcees. It found that almost two thirds had not discussed their future career ambitions or lifestyle choices to decide whether they were truly compatible.

When asked the main cause for their divorce, a third cited adultery and 1 in 7 spoke of compatibility issues while 11% of those polled blamed interfering parents in law as the “main” cause of their divorce.

Previous studies have concluded that couples spend an average of 18 months and £20,000 planning a wedding.

Top 10 main reasons for marriage break down (participants could select more than one):

  • Affair – 33%
  • Selfishness - 22%
  • Personality traits - 14%
  • Abusive behaviour - 14%
  • Different expectations from life - 13%
  • Compatibility – 13%
  • Job loss or debt – 12%
  • Interfering in-laws – 11%
  • Got married too young – 9%
  • Political beliefs – 8%

The original article was published in the Telegraph on the 12th June, and can be read here.

By Claire Clark on 1 Jul 2013, 10:11 AM

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