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Recent marriage statistics out confirm that almost half of all marriages in the UK end in divorce.

This is sad news not only for those adults involved but also for the children affected as a result of relationships breaking down. Children seeing the separation process can often be scary, leading to feelings of anxiety, upset and anger.

Government research shows that children whose parents divorce at a older age, talking as young as seven or eight, often find it more challenging to trust people and make friends, as well as it having a direct impact on development and social skills as they age.

It’s been investigated in detail by various leading authorities about the impact divorce and relationship separation, it has on children and adolescents, one thing is clear, that emotional and behavioural problems in children are more common when their parents are fighting or separating.

Parents who are separating can help their children by doing simple things like:

  • Making sure that the children know they still have two parents who love them
  • Protect their children from adult worries and responsibilities
  • Make it clear that the responsibility for what is happening is the parents' - and not theirs
  • Carry on with the usual activities and routines, like seeing friends and family
  • Make as few changes as possible

Leading children’s support charity, Childline is private and confidential, offering a free service where children can call and speak to an operator about any issue they are facing, big or small.

Divorce isn’t something that couples always see coming, but if you feel unhappy in your relationship it may be worth you speaking to an independent source, our website has a vast amount for free information and articles available to you, simply click  

By Claire Clark on 4 Sep 2013, 10:30 AM

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