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Divorce and how it affects your children!

Nearly half of all marriages end in divorce and often children are stuck in the middle.

It’s a hard time for adults going through divorce but also even harder sometimes for children who don’t understand why their parents are acting differently and that they have no control over what happens, it can often leave children feeling scared, sad, confused or angry.

Government research has shown that kids whose parents divorce when they are 7 or older find it harder to trust people and make friends.

Talking to your children and letting them know that you both love them can always reassure your child and help them to understand that this is not going to change the way you both are with them.  Working together for your child is so important and there are various resources online with information regarding how to deal with children through a divorce.

We have various information on our website and those that have decided that there is no other option than divorce can find out how we can help at or by contacting us on 01246 555 610.

By Claire Clark on 16 Jan 2014, 11:00 AM

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