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Time to Move on?

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Is your relationship causing more stress than happiness? Maybe the person that used to put a smile on your face now ties your stomach in knots, brings a tear in your eye, or just makes you sigh?  If it seems like your relationship is just going backwards, maybe it’s time to ask that obvious question:

"Is it time to move on?"

The biggest mistake most couples make is staying too long in a relationship that is heading nowhere.

If you love and respect yourself and your partner, you owe it to both of you, to be honest with each other and make a courageous decision that frees you both for what you really long for: A love that actually works.

Are you feeling like your relationship hurts more than makes you happier?

Do you keep having the same old arguments about the same things?

By paying attention to the most obvious signs that it’s time to move on, you can honour both yourself and your partner and give both of you the biggest gift of all: The freedom to find a love that’s meant to last.

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By Claire Clark on 6 Jan 2014, 11:10 AM

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