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Ridiculous Reasons for Divorce from Around the World: Part One

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1. Guantanamo

A woman in Saudi Arabia filed for divorce after discovering that her husband had her saved in his phone as ‘Guantanamo’.

2. Facebook status

A marriage as short as two months almost ended due to the husband’s busy work schedule leaving him no time to change his relationship status from ‘Single’ to ‘Married’. The Judge ordered the couple to try counselling before heading down the divorce route.

3. Mad about cats

One man in Israel filed for divorce after his wife adopted 550 cats. The pair lived happily with the cats for the first few months, but eventually, the husband couldn’t afford to pay for food due to the expenses he was paying in cat food and litter trays as well as the cats getting under his feet!

4. Mad about dogs

An elderly Romanian couple decided to call it a day after the husband continually spent their monthly pension on food for the stray dogs in the neighbourhood instead of food for the family.

5. Support Beijing Olympics!

One Chinese Olympic fanatic decided to run across China to show his support for the Beijing Olympics. He sold his flat to pay for a van decorated with ‘Support Beijing Olympics!’, to pay for supplies and to hire a team of six people to support him on his journey. He thought his wife was joking when she told him she would file for divorce if he went through with it, but sure enough, she did just that as soon as he had finished.

By Claire Clark on 15 Dec 2015, 09:52 AM

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