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Top 8 Bizarre Divorce Settlements: Part One

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1. Charles and Diana

When Charles and Diana divorced in 1996, Diana lost the right to be called ‘Her Royal Highness’ but retained the right to live in Kensington Palace and entertain at St James’ Palace, with the Queen’s permission of course! And although she lost various military titles, she did get a settlement of around £15,000,000.

2. Georges Simenon

Belgian author Georges Simenon, had an odd request for his ex-wife during their divorce proceedings in 1949; they agreed that she would receive a substantial amount in maintenance as long as she agreed to live within 6 miles of her ex at all times so he could always see his children.

3. Getting your ex’s goat

Literally. Australian Steve Killeen got his ex-wife’s pet goat in his divorce settlement, which he takes for long walks through Sidney every day.

4. 50:50 split

When a Cambodian couple’s relationship broke down, the husband took the dividing of the assets a little too literally and cut their house in half. He left his soon-to-be ex-wife’s half standing, but dismantled his half, taking the materials to his parents’ house.

By Claire Clark on 8 Dec 2015, 09:48 AM

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