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The World's Top 7 Most Bizarre Prenuptial Agreements

1. Who gets the dog?

In today’s society, man’s best friend is becoming a more and more frequent addition to prenup clauses. This can include custody and visitation rights should the couple split.

2. Who gets the nanny?

With good help so hard to find, deciding who will keep which employee after a break-up is now becoming a trend. You get the gardener; I get the nanny!

3. The in-laws

One prenuptial agreement barred in-laws from staying the night. Another saw one man having to pay $10,000 (£6,550) each time he was rude to his wife’s parents and in yet another bizarre in-law related clause, one man capped the amount of time he and his wife would spend with their in-laws to a maximum of 2 consecutive days.

4. The football

One football-hating wife limited her husband to watching 1 football match with friends per week.

5. Weight watching

One wife’s prenuptial agreement limited her weight to a maximum of 8½ stone. The penalty for gaining weight is forfeiting $100,000 (£615,515) worth of her separate property.

6. High infidelity

Not unlike many celebrity couples, Catherine Zeta-Jones is rumoured to have an infidelity clause included in her prenup. This would mean compensation of several million pounds should husband Michael Douglas be unfaithful.

7. The kids

Some prenups include specifics such as whether their children will be raised vegetarian or what school they will attend. In some multi-faith marriages, couples dictate religious upbringings in advance. Some prenups even stipulate that the couple will never have children!

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By Claire Clark on 4 Nov 2015, 10:59 AM

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