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For those who have been dishonest in their divorce and financial proceedings involving their spouse there may be reason to panic after the recent Judgment made at the Supreme Court this week.

Two woman won their cases after being deprived of what was rightly theirs during divorce proceedings. The Sharland case significantly highlights the fact that Courts will take a “zero tolerance stance” from husbands or wives who attempt to deliberately deceive their spouses and lie to the Court about their finances and assets.

Charles Sharland, it appears, was far from transparent during his financial hearing. Firstly, about the actual value of shares in his company and secondly, about the timing of the sale of those shares. This impacted significantly upon the financial award made to his wife. The true value was actually ten times higher than Mr Sharland had originally claimed.

Many spouses who have deliberately misled the Courts recently and not disclosed their true financial worth have knowingly deprived the other spouse and possibly their children of what is rightly theirs. These individuals may well be sitting uneasy right now as this Court Judgment has now enabled recently divorced individuals to potentially have the case re-opened when they suspect such dishonesty has taken place and will enable them to pursue what they are entitled to. Each case will be considered on its own facts.

For those individuals who are attempting to conduct their financial case during divorce in a dishonest fashion this decision is a big wake up call. Basically you will not get away with it!

If you are looking to pursue divorce proceedings and resolve your financial affairs in light of separation we encourage you to contact Vines Legal in the first instance to discuss how we can support you through the process in the most cost-effective manner, call our office today on 01246 555 610.

By Claire Clark on 16 Oct 2015, 15:51 PM

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