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A Divorce settlement case has hit the headlines after the husband has been ordered to pay £334,000 in legal costs!!

Case: Joy v Joy-Morancho & Ors

Divorce proceedings have come to a bitter end for husband, Clive Joy-Morancho after he has been ordered to pay £334,000 in legal costs, within fourteen days! This amount includes all of his estranged wife’s costs for the financial proceedings since May 2013.

The High Court Judge, Sir Peter Singer stated “the husband’s explanation of his finances amounted to blatant dishonesty” and that “such conduct unravels all and can and should, in an extreme case where the conclusions are clear, have clear costs condemnation meted out as the Court’s response”

The husband had set out to deceive the Court in regard to his finances by being, as the Judge said “unbelievably dishonest” as he had deliberately attempted to obscure the truth about his true financial circumstances.

Whilst the Judge accepted that cases such as this are few and far between, it is hoped that the costs award in this case should act as deterrent to those who are considering deceiving the Court!

The husband had sought to reach a resolution which only involved him paying a nominal maintenance award to his ex-wife, but he has ended up having to pay £334,000 in costs, periodical payments of £120,000 and his ex-wife’s capital claims have been adjourned.

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By Claire Clark on 2 Sep 2015, 11:52 AM

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