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The ‘Boomerang’ Divorce

According to research undertaken by the Co-Op Legal Services, a quarter of divorcees in the UK have considered getting back together with their ex-spouse – 12% of which did get back together. 73% cited that they would reconsider reconciliation after forgiving an infidelity and 40% admitted they still loved their ex.

Harley Street psychotherapist Christine Webber says that new children can be a common reason for relationship breakdown and that ‘a lot of people go through an angry phase when their children are quite small and they are trying to have careers – it’s a troublesome time’.

It is suggested that it could also be a result of couples marrying young, maturing after their divorce and having a more relaxed approach as they grow older. Webber continues to say that ‘on the whole, people are more tolerant with age. They realise that the sort of things they argued ferociously about when they were younger actually are not that important’.

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By Claire Clark on 16 Feb 2016, 10:37 AM

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