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Work and Divorce

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Divorce or separation is a huge change for couples and children. The impact of this can greatly affect the family in all areas of life, at work, home or at school. The early stages of divorce or separation are when emotions and stress levels are often at their highest and employers can often detect at this point that something isn’t right at home.

Individuals can become overwhelmed by the upheaval of such a change whilst at the same time having to make important decisions; this in turn can make maintaining productivity and professional standards at work more challenging. On the other hand, for many people, work can be a pleasant distraction from what is happening at home and can provide future financial security.

Employers and colleagues can support their staff during divorce or separation by:

  • Guiding them to speak to the right people e.g. Counsellors or Family Law Specialists
  • Acknowledging the stress they are dealing with
  • Establishing whether there is anything that can be done to help at work e.g. more flexibility with hours
  • Understanding how they would like to deal with the situation – they may prefer to continue at work as though nothing were happening

If you or members of your staff are dealing with separation or divorce, please call 01246 555 610 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced solicitors. Arming yourself with accurate legal information from the outset can be vital in the resolution of your matter.

By Claire Clark on 24 Mar 2016, 15:48 PM

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