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Preparing for Divorce?

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Have you or a loved one been thinking of divorce? It’s a good idea to read up on divorce and get yourself familiar with what’s to come next. Here are some tips for preparing for divorce:

  1. Be absolutely positive you want a divorce
  2. Accept that your divorce is what needs to happen
  3. Get yourself a good solicitor
  4. Get support from friends and family
  5. Set realistic goals for the future
  6. Try to act civil with your spouse
  7. Hope for the best but also prepare for the worst
  8. Know that you will be okay no matter what the outcome may be

Arming yourself with accurate legal information from the outset can be vital in the resolution of your matter and can make the process less stressful. If you are considering a divorce and just wish to talk through the options then call 01246 555 610 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced solicitors.    

By Claire Clark on 5 May 2017, 09:42 AM

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