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5 Real Crazy Reasons for Divorce

Marriages can break down in so many different ways, but here are some of our favourites from around the world:

1) In 1997, a California woman filed for divorce after 25 years of what her husband believed had been a good marriage. Two years later the truth came out, in December 1996, just 11 days before she filed for the divorce, she had won $1.3 million on the Lottery. Thereafter to keep the money all to herself she filed for divorce. When the truth came out, a Los Angeles family court judge ruled that the woman had violated state asset disclosure laws and awarded every cent of her lottery winnings to her ex-husband.

2) Earlier this year, an American woman left her husband of 22 years when she found out he had voted for Donald Trump to become president. Apparently, this "betrayal”, was the tipping point. "It opened up areas between us I had not faced before," she explained.

3) One Japanese couple who had been married for six years, watched the movie Frozen and he made the mistake of asking her, "Did you really think it was that good?" Well, she did, and the fact that he asked that question made her think about what kind of person he was.

4) A Russian man ran out of money while playing poker, so he bet his wife and lost. When his wife found out, she left him for the man who'd won her and her heart.

5) In 2001, a woman suspected that her spouse was cheating on her because their parrot started repeating several phrases of the husband’s telephone calls with his lover. The wife was visiting her parents for a full month, and when she got back, the parrot uttered words such as: “divorce”, “I love you” and “be patient”. She knew something was wrong, so she decided to divorce him.


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By Emma Newman on 5 Oct 2017, 14:22 PM

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