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Vines Legal's A-Z of All things Family and Matrimonial; Q for Quickie (Divorces)

Welcome to our Alphabet Information Series.  Today’s topic is Q for Quickie (divorce)

Can I Get A Quick Divorce? 

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a 'quickie divorce' – it is simply media hype. Media has us convinced that a divorce can take seconds. Apparently Cheryl Cole had the UK’s fastest divorce at 14 seconds. Whilst some divorces are quicker than others, the process is broadly the same with the same legal timeline and there are no shortcuts for anyone, no matter their financial standing or celebrity status!  There is no special fast track procedure.

When the media talk about a ‘quickie divorce’ what they are actually talking about is the length of time it takes the Judge to pronounce Decree Nisi in open court where often journalists are waiting to hear the names read out.  However this is only one part of the divorce process.  It is a further six weeks and one day before the Decree Absolute can be applied for.  It is the pronouncement of Decree Absolute that is the actual dissolution of the marriage (for more information see our Decree Nisi Blog)

A typical uncontested divorce where both parties have agreed to the divorce and the grounds for divorce they wish to file upon, usually takes 6 months at the very least, depending on how busy the Courts are.  Matters including sorting out property and finances and children arrangements will extend this time.

Unfortunately, as a divorce is a legal procedure there is no definitive timetable for the length of time it will take to obtain your Decree Absolute and the length of time can differ considerably between each Court and divorce unit.

If you have any queries regarding the above information or would like any further advice remember obtaining accurate legal information from the outset can be vital in the resolution of your matter and can make the process less stressful. Call 01246 555610 to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with one of our experienced solicitors.



By Vines Legal on 3 Dec 2019, 16:28 PM

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