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5 Tips for Avoiding Divorce Disasters

Divorce Lawyer Chesterfield - 5 Tips for Avoiding Divorce DisastersThe breakdown of a marriage is a difficult and stressful time for all involved. Emotions may be running high and it’s common for even the most level-headed of us to feel like we’re losing control. With help, it is possible to deal with separation and divorce in a constructive, non-confrontational, and even cost-effective way. But, unfortunately, there are many mistakes possible to make. So, with that in mind, here are 5 useful tips for avoiding divorce disasters!

Plan for the Future

Taking the time to work out what the financial implications of your divorce are is key to your future wellbeing. For example, how much will you need to live comfortably on after you divorce? Planning for the future in this way will ensure your financial stability, so addressing financial planning head on at the start of the process will give you the best chance. Keep track of your income and outgoings, establish what assets belong to the family, and take the time to calculate exactly what you’ll need once the marriage is over.

Revenge is not so Sweet

A common mistake that inevitably ends in divorce disaster is trying to use the court as a way of getting revenge against their ex-partner. Whether it’s deliberately trying to prolong the process, intentional failure to compromise when it comes to financial matters, or fighting for assets for the sake of it, there are plenty of ways that divorcing partners can use the legal system to exact revenge. There are many reasons why this is not recommended; from increasing the legal costs involved, to impacting the lives of your shared children, not to mention your own peace of mind and wellbeing.

Avoid Hiding Assets

Although it may be tempting to minimise, or even hide assets you don’t want your ex-partner to have a share in, doing so is almost guaranteed to spell disaster. Non-disclosure of an asset or being dishonest about its true value will mean that any financial settlement you do receive will be open to challenges in the future. Even settlements already passed by the court that reveal non-disclosure afterwards could mean that your ex-partner can take you back to court. Failing to disclose your assets or income in full can even put you at risk of perjury action.

Don’t do it Yourself

In theory, DIY divorces require no lawyers, no trials, and all communication is carried out between the couple involved. This can work for some, but, in reality, it’s hardly ever that simple. There are also plenty of conditions. Your case must be considered as an ‘uncontested divorce’, meaning that both parties agree to the termination of the marriage and the reason for it. You must also have resolved all the issues surrounding shared children, how they are financially supported, and how any property, assets, or debt should be divided. You and your ex-partner must also have agreed to willingly participate in the process, have a complete understanding of each other’s financial positions, and be able to work together in an amicable way.

It might seem like an attractive option to find the quickest route out of a marriage and opt for a DIY divorce. It is possible for you to undertake the divorce process yourself and agree such things as child arrangements between you, but a solicitor will be required for the financial part of the divorce as they will need to draft the consent order. It is possible to go online to get a solicitor to draft your financial order, but this will include no advice as to whether or not you have included everything required or if the agreement you have come to is fair for both parties.

Consult a Solicitor

Not only can a qualified, experienced divorce solicitor guide and support you through what can be a stressful process, they’ll work their hardest to get you the best possible outcome from your divorce. There are many advantages to getting legal help to ensure that divorce proceedings move forward as smoothly as possible. So, if you want to avoid divorce disasters, professional, legal guidance is key.

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By Vines Legal on 16 Apr 2021, 12:53 PM

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