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Divorce Applications Rise After New No-Fault Change in Law

rise in divorce applications family lawyer ChesterfieldAfter the recent change in divorce law, it’s no surprise that the latest available Ministry of Justice family court statistics show that divorce applications have reached their highest level for a decade. The new no-fault divorce option ends the need for separating couples to apportion blame for the breakdown of their marriage, allowing them to apply for divorce by simply stating their marriage has broken down irretrievably. 

This landmark reform has predictably resulted in a rise in applications, with data from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) showing that between April and June of this year, 33,566 divorce applications were received, with the majority under the new no-fault divorce legislation and from sole applicants.

Before the law changed, one spouse would have to make accusations about the other’s conduct, such as ‘unreasonable behaviour’ or adultery, or alternatively face years of separation before the courts would allow a divorce to be granted, regardless of whether they had mutually decided to separate. This new law essentially negates the need to place blame, so a spouse, or a couple jointly, can now apply for divorce by simply stating their marriage has broken down irretrievably. 

Avoid DIY Divorces

Although the law may have changed to make the process smoother, that doesn’t mean that a DIY approach to divorce is necessarily a good idea. As a result of the law change, it is expected that a higher number of people will attempt to ‘do it themselves.’ This might seem more attainable now, but in truth, engaging a solicitor is the only sure way to ensure that the financial aspect of divorce is addressed correctly and that all assets and liabilities are included. Consideration should also be given to a clean break.

A DIY divorce could lead to expensive mistakes being made and significant delay.

Family Lawyers in Chesterfield

Although the new divorce law will inevitably ease the stress that comes along with the process, it’s still strongly advised that a solicitor is involved. Not only can a qualified, experienced divorce solicitor guide and support you through what can be a stressful process, they’ll work their hardest to get you the best possible outcome from your divorce. There are many advantages to getting legal help to ensure that divorce proceedings move forward as smoothly as possible. So, if you want to avoid divorce disasters, professional, legal guidance is key.

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By Vines Legal on 8 Nov 2022, 11:03 AM

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