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Divorce is well known to come in two variants – amicable or hostile.

We thought that it may be of interest to share our insights into how you can try to ensure a positive resolution to your divorce:

1. Children should stay outside the divorce

It’s sad to say the people that get hurt the most in a divorce are the children. Divorce is a stressful, painful and sad experience for anyone to go through, so why involve children in that unnecessarily?

Children of parents separating should always be kept on the outskirts of the process and not told details of the case, with exception from emphasising that both parties still love them dearly. If you have children together your relationship will have to continue to a certain extent and it pays for you both to stay amicable and agree boundaries for moving forwards.

2.  Choose the right separation path for you

Divorce sometimes gets some bad press from high-flying celebrities and big court cases, but at the end of the day, there are options available to you when you separate.

Divorce in court is just one process you can take; you should always seek legal guidance about the best route for you, your family and your circumstances.

It’s always worth remembering, that at the end of the day, you must have shared happy times in the past and why would you want to wash them away with bitter and hurtful exchanges during the separation process?

If you are concerned about starting divorce proceedings, then please contact our office to make an appointment to discuss your needs with our friendly and professional team on 01246 555 610.

By Claire Clark on 9 Aug 2013, 16:00 PM

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