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A woman who took her dodgy ‘puppet master’ ex-husband, after a worldwide hunt to track down his assets is now celebrating with a settlement of £53 million.

Details of the case, released in an anonymous judgement - involves a Russian couple with two children who have lived in England since 2005, having shared their live together for over 17 years.

The wife divorced her businessman husband in Russia in 2009 after spending £1.4m tracking down her husband's assets, which were scattered throughout the world to protect against the settlement.

Announcing her decision, Mrs Justice King said: "The case has been a fantastic charade with the husband a shady puppet master in the background.”

"At fabulous cost - £1.4m and counting - those representing the wife have crossed and re-crossed the globe in an attempt to trace the husband's assets, every penny of which has been acquired during the marriage."

She awarded the woman £53.5m but said she feared the ex-wife could still be forced to spend substantial amounts of money trying to enforce her ex-husband to pay up.

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By Claire Clark on 23 Aug 2013, 12:42 PM

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