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Some of Britain’s most influential business leaders, including Sir Philip Green, Harold Tillman and Richard Caring, face being called to give evidence under oath at the climax of Britain’s most high-profile divorce, says the Independent newspaper who covered the story live last week.

The divorce battle between Scot Young, a property and telecoms mogul and his ex-wife Michelle Young, a former fashion buyer has lasted a bitter seven years.

Michelle says her husband squirrelled away his huge fortune in tax havens around the globe just before the couple split in 2006 and his “friends are, in fact, a conduit for his secreted wealth”.

Mr Young, 51, who claims he lost all his money in a disastrous Moscow property venture, has failed for four years to comply with Court Orders forcing him to disclose documentary evidence of the payments from his powerful and rich friends.

The UK has been captivated with interest by the story of Mr Young, who rose from a Scottish council flat to own a £14m mansion in Oxfordshire, known widely for his elaborate spending.

Despite repeated Court appearances, Scot Young owes his wife nearly £1m in maintenance and £1.28m in unpaid tax.

The original article was published on the Independent website, and can be read here.

By Claire Clark on 9 Jul 2013, 12:01 PM

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