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Big Love, Little Divorce

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Overweight people are less likely to divorce as size could determine whether you marriage fails or not.

Research done by online separation service shows that People weighing 101 to 200lbs are three times more likely to end their marriage.

The site found that out of 2,708 cases, 2,054 involved individuals in that weight bracket: almost 76%.  People weighing between 201 and 250lbs accounted for 493 of the cases (18.2%), and only 143 divorce cases involved people weighing over 250lb (just over five per cent).

The results seem to show that happy people eat more and 62% of people admitted gaining up to a stone since being in a relationship, while 72% also think that their loved one has put weight on too.

Part of this seems down to mirroring your beloved's eating habits as 52% of women say they often eat the same amount as their male partner, and 56% admit this means they eat much larger portions than they would normally.  Upon entering into a happy relationship, 30% of couples say their main activity together becomes staying in and watching television, while 20% say eating out together is a key bonding pastime.

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By Claire Clark on 3 Jan 2014, 11:08 AM

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