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Pets and Divorce

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One of the most difficult issues to resolve after separation can be who gets custody of pets, especially cats, dogs and horses. According to research undertaken by The Dogs Trust, 25% of couples separating said their pet would be the most important thing for them in their settlement.

The law, however, sees pets in a very different way to their owners and classifies them as objects or personal property. If you cannot come to an agreement between yourselves and you are getting a divorce, the Court may decide who the pet will live with and may take into consideration who spent more time caring for the pet.

However, if you are unmarried, there is no such provision and the only thing that will be taken into consideration is who legally owns the pet. If you do not wish to get married but would like to protect your assets in the eventuality of a separation, a Cohabitation Agreement can be drawn up and who gets custody of pets can be included as part of this.

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By Claire Clark on 9 Mar 2016, 15:26 PM

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