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Military Deploys Increase Divorce?

Recent research by the RAND Corporation has found that each lengthy deployment in the military is a step towards a failing marriage.

The study, used information from 462,444 enlisted service members who were married while serving in the military between March 1999 and June 2008.

The results show that 97% of divorces occurred after a return from deployment. Women were found to be more likely to divorce after spending time away, than men.

The research also suggests that military families without children were also more likely to divorce. Couples who married before 2001 were 28% more likely to divorce within three years of marriage if one or both spouses experienced a deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq.

In contrast, couples who married after the 9/11 attacks experienced a lower divorce rate. Researchers speculate that this is because those who married post 9/11 were better equipped to deal with the difficulties of war and subsequent stress in the relationship.

Divorce can be a hard time especially when you are in the military. For more information about how we can support you in separation, contact us on 01246 555 610 or visit

By Claire Clark on 30 Dec 2013

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School Holiday Tension!

With child care bills rising and household incomes staying the same it’s no wonder parents are feeling the strain over the holidays.

A study has shown that out of a poll taken as many as a fifth of parents reported considering a separation or divorce by the end of the holidays.

The report suggests that trying to get the correct balance of work and child care as well as financial costs is adding pressure to couples.

This comes with added back up from top divorce lawyers, declaring that when families spend more time together than usual, as they would in holidays, this puts a strain on relationships and helps push them to the brink of divorce.

In the early January, after the holidays have finished, Lawyers have reported seeing an annual spike in inquiries about divorce, a trend which they suggest could be linked to a series of factors stemming from holidays.

Polling for the legal firm Stowe Family Law found that almost 2 out of 10 of parents had re-evaluated their relationship – in some cases including considering divorce or separation – at the end of a holiday period.

If you find yourself in a similar situation you can get some advice from or solicitors who specialise in divorce by calling us on 01246 555610  

By Claire Clark on 28 Dec 2013

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Serial Conman Sentenced To Pay £1 !

A serial conman, Roy Moyse, who wiped out a wealthy divorcee of £125,000 to repay his own gambling debts has been ordered to pay back Karen Culverwell just £1.

This is after the Court heard he had no assets, of any financial value, to his name that he could give to her.

Mr Moyse had just been released from prison for a string of similar offences, where he targeted vulnerable women, like Mrs. Culverwell.

He moved in with her in Christchurch, Dorset, after discovering she was divorcing her husband, a company director and was due for to get a hefty settlement.

During their two year relationship he convinced her to loan him money and give him access to her bank account.

Moyse, 45, recently jailed again for two years in May after pleading guilty to six counts of fraud, reappeared at Bournemouth Crown Court for a confiscation hearing to determine how much money he should repay Mrs Culverwell.

A Judge ordered him to pay her the token sum of £1 as that is all he could afford right now!  

By Claire Clark on 26 Dec 2013

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Pensions and divorce: what are your options?

Pensions and divorce law have changed other the years and as divorce and separation are more common than ever and the rates keep on increasing, couples need information and advice on sharing their assets fairly and amicably.

As pensions can be a complicated area, they are sometimes the single asset that is the most overlooked and even when they are taken into consideration more often than not they aren’t split to the satisfaction of both parties.

When it comes to finding a solution that favours both parties the three main ways of sharing pension assets are:

  • Sharing
  • Offsetting
  • Earmarking


Pension sharing allows the parties to split the pension into two individual pensions upon the date of divorce.  Unlike Earmarking, this allows each party to retire when they want within the rules prescribed in the pension scheme.


Offsetting means that one partner’s pension is traded off against the other’s assets accumulated from the marriage, such as the home or investments etc, to try to give each party a fair share


This allows the parties to split the rights to the benefits of the pension when it becomes payable.  When the pension is due to pay out, it will pay both parties, with each party getting the percentage agreed upon in the divorce.

Pension sharing, however, is fast becoming the favourite option, as it is seen as a complete and clean break away from one another.

Please note each divorce situation is different, and as they can be a very complicated and emotive subject it is important that you seek guidance from both a solicitor and a qualified independent financial adviser to find out which of the above options may best suit your circumstances.

At Vines Legal, we can offer advice and help you through all aspects of divorce.  You can contact us today.

By Claire Clark on 24 Dec 2013

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Recent marriage statistics out confirm that almost half of all marriages in the UK end in divorce.

This is sad news not only for those adults involved but also for the children affected as a result of relationships breaking down. Children seeing the separation process can often be scary, leading to feelings of anxiety, upset and anger.

Government research shows that children whose parents divorce at a older age, talking as young as seven or eight, often find it more challenging to trust people and make friends, as well as it having a direct impact on development and social skills as they age.

It’s been investigated in detail by various leading authorities about the impact divorce and relationship separation, it has on children and adolescents, one thing is clear, that emotional and behavioural problems in children are more common when their parents are fighting or separating.

Parents who are separating can help their children by doing simple things like:

  • Making sure that the children know they still have two parents who love them
  • Protect their children from adult worries and responsibilities
  • Make it clear that the responsibility for what is happening is the parents' - and not theirs
  • Carry on with the usual activities and routines, like seeing friends and family
  • Make as few changes as possible

Leading children’s support charity, Childline is private and confidential, offering a free service where children can call and speak to an operator about any issue they are facing, big or small.

Divorce isn’t something that couples always see coming, but if you feel unhappy in your relationship it may be worth you speaking to an independent source, our website has a vast amount for free information and articles available to you, simply click  

By Claire Clark on 4 Sep 2013

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Recent polls have found that unpredictably, DIY which is often known to aid happy relationships, is also a now a leading cause for divorce across the globe, as home renovations increase stress and arguments.

Over 50% of those surveyed by home improvement website, responded that their renovation process caused a significant amount of stress in their marriages. In fact, approximately 12% of those polled indicated that the stress of renovation caused them to consider or pursue divorce or separation.

One thing relationship experts recommend is that couples who are considering home makeovers consider rooms for each couple to decorate individually, as this is known to take some of the stress out of the process as couples are not forced to attempt to mix their personal styles.

Other reasons for divorces now include:

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. Infidelity
  3. Alcohol or Substance Abuse
  4. Abuse (Mental or Physical)
  5. Financial Problems
  6. Cultural or Religious Difference
  7. Sexual Incompatibility
  8. Differences in Priorities or Goals
  9. Family Issues – Child Rearing or Extended Family Issues
  10. Boredom

If you are thinking about divorce in your relationship, feel free to contact our team to discuss how we can help facilitate this on 01246 555 610.  

By Claire Clark on 2 Sep 2013

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The new Child Maintenance Service (CMS) has reviewed its policy and opened it up to now be applicable to any applicants with two or more children.

From this month, parents with two or more children who decide to separate and then use the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) are expected to find they are put on a new system, where parents will be encouraged to sort out their maintenance payments between them, rather than relying on the Government to do it on their behalf.

Work and Pensions Minister Steve Webb said: "The Child Maintenance Service is progressing well and has reached the next stage of its delivery. Caseworkers report that the system is easier to use and, for the first time, HM Revenue & Customs wage data is being used to calculate payments.

"We are learning from the past and avoiding the big-bang approach of the CSA. In the last eight months parents with four or more children have been using the system. We are now rolling it out gradually, first to new applicants with 2 or more children and then to all new applicants."

The government is investing up to £20m into support services for separated families, after over half of those surveyed in the CSA said they could come to their own arrangements with the right help and support.

For those couples separating, child maintenance may be a consideration for you, if you are confused about how it relates to you, feel free to contact our team to discuss how we can help facilitate this on 01246 555 610.

By Claire Clark on 30 Aug 2013

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A recent survey conducted by the online separation service has found that couples that are overweight are less likely to file for divorce than their slender counterparts.

Couples whose individual weights sit between 101 and 200lbs - considered 'physically fit' - are three times more likely to end their marriage than those of any other size.

The research found that out of 2,708 divorce cases, 2,054 involved couples in this weight range.

The news has been welcome by previous research, by the Diet Chef that concluded that happy people ‘eat more’; with some 62% of people admit to gaining up to a stone being in a happy relationship.

Overall, these findings show being in a relationship the most common cause of weight gain, beating comfort eating, lack of exercise, and holidays.

The story was originally covered on the Daily Mail website, has been inundated with comments from both sides of the opinion.

Divorce isn’t something that couples always see coming, but if you feel unhappy in your relationship it may be worth you speaking to an independent source, our website has a vast amount of free information and articles available to you, simply click, or if you would prefer to speak to someone about your relationship, contact our team today on 01246 555 610.

By Claire Clark on 29 Aug 2013

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Last month, the House of Lords have finally recognised the will of British same-sex couples wanting to marry, in one of the most radical pieces of legislation in years.

The bill, which recognises same-sex weddings to take place in England and Wales from next summer, brings to an end, the century old understanding of marriage being solely between a man and a woman.

Lords began by debating the terminology around same sex marriage. An amendment was proposed to seek to refer to same sex marriage as ‘marriage (same sex couples)’, and opposite sex marriage as 'marriage (opposite sex couples)', this went to a vote which resulted in 119 for and 314 against.

Peers then moved on to discuss conscientious objection to same sex marriages and whether a registrar could object to carrying out a same sex marriage. This went to a vote, with 103 for and 278 against.

Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill summary:

  • around the marriage of same sex couples in England and Wales
  • about gender change by married persons and civil partners
  • on consular functions in relation to marriage
  • for the marriage of armed forces personnel overseas.

The Anglican Bishop of Norwich, the Rt Rev Graham James said it was “no secret” that the majority of Christian churches and other world faiths “don’t believe same sex marriage accords with their understanding of marriage itself”.

But he added: “Many of us do welcome the social and legal recognition of same sex partnerships and believe our society is a better and healthier one for such recognition.”

If you are a same-sex couple looking to formalise your relationship, feel free to contact our team to discuss how we can help facilitate this on 01246 555610

By Claire Clark on 23 Aug 2013

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A woman who took her dodgy ‘puppet master’ ex-husband, after a worldwide hunt to track down his assets is now celebrating with a settlement of £53 million.

Details of the case, released in an anonymous judgement - involves a Russian couple with two children who have lived in England since 2005, having shared their live together for over 17 years.

The wife divorced her businessman husband in Russia in 2009 after spending £1.4m tracking down her husband's assets, which were scattered throughout the world to protect against the settlement.

Announcing her decision, Mrs Justice King said: "The case has been a fantastic charade with the husband a shady puppet master in the background.”

"At fabulous cost - £1.4m and counting - those representing the wife have crossed and re-crossed the globe in an attempt to trace the husband's assets, every penny of which has been acquired during the marriage."

She awarded the woman £53.5m but said she feared the ex-wife could still be forced to spend substantial amounts of money trying to enforce her ex-husband to pay up.

If you are thinking of separation or divorce, you can speak to our friendly team about your situation to get the best practical, legal advice for your situation, call Vines Legal on 01246 555610

By Claire Clark on 23 Aug 2013

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